b. 1986, HK.

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Colorado State University

B.F.A. Sculpture | 2012
Landscape Architecture | 2009-2012



ARTIST STATEMENT | In the modern world, most lack the connection with wild environments that once was an integral part of our everyday lives. In my work, I seek to capture the essence of landscape+natural forms that I experience through the outdoors. Organization & chaos simultaneously exist and are inspired from macro to micro.

WILD CAST PROJECT | The lost-wax method is used to cast the skulls of wild animals in bronze. These are open edition works and are made to order. Minimum of 8 weeks until shipping. A portion of my profit for each skull is donated to various conservation projects that help restore, protect, and improve their respective habitats. 

PROCESS | More and more we are using technology as our secondary brain. I question whether that diminishes the process of creation and development of skill as an artist, and therefor choose to use traditional methods of sculpting. No computer assistance or design programs are used, 100% hand-sculpted. 

BIO | Raised in Iowa, I explored the woodlands and prairies around our land and spent my young adult life working on the family farm. I learned early on about the natural world, which evolved into an affinity for the outdoors and inspired my expression and passion for design. I made the move to Colorado in 2007 to pursue my education at CSU, studying Landscape Architecture, Ecology, & Art. Now living in the mountains west of Ft. Collins, I have no shortage of the forms that influence my artistic expression. When I'm not workin on my own sculptures,  I help artists complete their works at Bronze Services of Loveland, a fine art foundry.